What to wear for a studio photo shoot

What to wear for a studio photo shoot

One of the biggest questions I get asked when I doing a studio family photo shoot is "What do we need to wear?". These key pieces of advice should help to answer this question.

What to wearDO:

Wear bright colours

Combine solid colours

​Wear what you're most comfortable in

Wear or bring things you love or things unique to you i.e. scarves, jewellery

​Bring your kids favourite toys

Allow your kids to wear what they love and feel comfortable in

Bring different outfits to try

Think about your walls if you are looking for prints in a room with a particular colour scheme

Ask me for more advice if you're still not sure


Wearing very pale colours

​Wearing white

Wearing highly patterned clothing


It's all about you. Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous, comfortable and confident in. 

By Daniel Bullock By Daniel Bullock Last Updated: 31st Mar 2014